How Dirty Is That Air Filter? Don’t Know? Better Check!

Changing spark plugs at the right intervalsYou’ve been driving that BMW all summer long. It’s been great to put the top down, cruise along those secondary roads, head to the beach, and visit with friends. You had a great summer and so has your BMW.

All of that summer driving has taken a toll on your engine, whether you realize it or not. It’s probably time for an oil change, even if you had it replaced at the beginning of the summer. Depending on how many kilometers you put on the engine, it could be well past time to have the oil replaced.

Don’t overlook the air filter.

Far too many drivers on the roads today overlook general maintenance and upkeep of their vehicles, and that includes BMW owners. It’s easy to replace the oil and bring it in for an Inspection I and Inspection II service because the dashboard indicator lights will illuminate to remind you of that.

But what about the coolant? What about the spark plugs? What about the fuel filter or air filter?

The harder the driving, the more likely your air filter has collected a lot of dust and other debris. The more clogged an air filter gets, the more difficult it will be for air to move freely throughout the engine, and that can reduce efficiency, fuel efficiency, power, and actually begin to cause damage to sensitive engine components over time.

It’s a good idea to have the air filter checked and replaced, if needed, at the end of the summer. It’s actually a good idea to have it properly checked at the beginning and/or end of each season throughout the year. This is even more important if you have a tendency to do a lot of driving in or around more populated areas where pollution can be a major concern.

If you need your air filter checked, bring it into the best authorized BMW service center in Toronto. Bring it to Bimmex.


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