How Distracted Are You Behind the Wheel of Your BMW?

distracted drivingWhen you’re driving your BMW, whether you’re heading for work, going on vacation, or just heading into town to do some shopping, are you safe? While we have a tendency to focus on auto service, BMW repairs, and other topics, it’s also essential every once in a while to pay attention to safety.

More and more people are driving around distracted.

It’s important to realize that more and more people out there are driving without paying full attention to the road in front of them. They might be distracted on the phone, trying to read the newspaper, applying makeup, texting a friend, or doing something else. Even eating while behind the wheel, though often considered harmless, has led to numerous serious accidents and fatalities across the country.

Evaluate your own driving habits.

During the past week, have you picked up your phone to check messages while you were cruising down the highway? Sure, the highway may be wide open and there might not be many cars out in front of you, but things can change quickly. Did you realize that you can travel over 30 meters in a second while heading down the highway? That’s more than a third the way down a professional soccer field.

In that time, a lot of things can happen. There could be debris on the road that causes you to swerve, another vehicle could be approaching from an entrance ramp, or something could fly off a vehicle five or six car lengths in front of you. If you’re not paying attention when behind the wheel of your BMW, you can be involved in a very serious accident.

You can also hit somebody walking or riding their bicycles.

This happens far too often these days. Before you realize it, you could hear the thump and crash as you plow into somebody, either walking their dog, going for a jog, or riding a bicycle. It only takes one second.

It’s simply not worth it to be distracted when driving. Nothing is more important than being safe and not distracted when behind the wheel.

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