Don’t Get Hosed by Emergency Repair

BMW MaintenanceWhen you need emergency automotive work and it needs to be done quickly, that’s an emergency right? Often this leads to trouble for those who don’t already have a trusted mechanic for their BMW. They end up taking it to the dealership (and paying a great deal for it) or to the first guy they can find (and paying a ton for the service). When you jump in with the first mechanic you find, you have no way of knowing if they are qualified to work on your BMW or if they are trustworthy.

The common thought process for many drivers is “all auto repair shops are the same.” Some people believe that automotive work is so simple anyone working under the banner “auto repair” should be able to get the job done. This could not be further from the truth.

Rather than wait until an emergency arises and then take your car to the shop that Joe at work recommends or the shop that Uncle Bob says he has used for years – take time to develop a business relationship with an automotive repair shop you can trust.

We have all heard or perhaps experienced the horror stories of unneeded repairs and subpar work. Here is a little story that may sound all too familiar.

Just two days before Thanksgiving weekend, Michael developed an engine knock in his BMW. Michael was new to town and got a mechanic referral from a co-worker. The service manager took Michael’s vehicle in and dutifully “performed” all the diagnostics. He advised Michael that he needed a rebuilt engine and that they could jump right on it.

“You won’t miss a bit of turkey or family fun, Mike. We’ll have you rolling before the weekend!”
“Wow! You people really ARE great! But how much will it cost?”

The service manager pushed the work order to Michael for his signature. “Only $4,000! A bargain!”
Michael was no mechanic, but he felt that this was a sour deal. “Thanks, but no thanks!”

The service manager graciously granted a 50% discount. “We can have you rolling for $2,000.”

Certain he was being scammed, Mike left the shop and went to a different shop after researching online. They had a long track record of customer satisfaction, good reviews online, and the owner checked all repairs and bills to ensure accuracy and quality.

After a few minutes of inspection, the owner advised Michael that the engine needed new plugs and wires. The cost? $89.00 plus local tax. The result? The vehicle ran beautifully.

In Ontario, BIMMEX is the trusted name in Bimmer emergency repair. If you are having a serious issue with your BMW or an emergency repair should become necessary, don’t despair. Bring your car to any of our two convenient locations and we will do all we can to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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