Don’t Just Assume Your Taillights Are Working Fine

It’s early in the morning or possibly late at night. You have to go out for a little while, so you grab the keys to your BMW, say goodbye to your loved ones, and head out the door. You walk around your vehicle, open the door, and slip inside. You don’t think twice about safety or any other issues.

You start the car up, and maybe there is an indicator light on the dashboard, but you have no idea what it says. Sometimes, though, the brake light warning indicator will illuminate, but people assume since they have felt no issues with their breaks, that it must be a mistake.

You put it in reverse, back out of the driveway, and head off to your destination. It’s dark outside, you got your lights on, and everything seems great.

Suddenly you have to come to a hard stop. Maybe a child darted out in the road or it’s a deer that just came out of nowhere. For a moment, you breathe a sigh of relief because you were able to stop in time. But then you are jolted out of your relief.

You are hit from behind.

You get out of the car, angry and frustrated, and begin yelling at the other driver. You throw your hands up to the side and say, “What’s the matter with you?” You assume they were texting or doing something they shouldn’t, but then you find out that your brake lights weren’t working. The person behind you had no idea you had just slammed on your brakes and by the time they realized what was going on, it was too late for them to stop.

This is a simple scenario that happens far too often and while people escape these mishaps more often than not because of the driver behind them paying closer attention to the details, it’s important to regularly inspect all of your lights, including your taillights.

If you don’t have anyone to help you, simply bring your BMW to Bimmex and one of the friendly and helpful technicians there can assist you with a quick visual inspection to ensure all of your lights are working properly. Remember, safety is always priority one.

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