Is It Too Early for an Oil Change for Winter?

3 Reasons Synthetic Oil May be Better for Your Particular BMWA lot of people have questions when it comes to oil changes. As a BMW owner, you want to protect your car’s engine, which means you bring it in for regular oil changes.

One of the main questions a lot of people have, though, is how often they should do it. They also have questions about weight with regard to the oil that’s going to be added to their vehicle. Now that summer is well behind us, it may be time (based on kilometers) for you to get an oil change, but does that mean you should also consider changing the weight of the oil itself?

The lower the weight of the oil, such as 5W-30 being ‘lighter’ than 10W-40, the easier it will be on your car’s engine during those cold morning starts. When the oil is lighter, it will move through the components of your engine or easily at colder temperatures.

You might be considering a lighter oil now, rather than waiting until winter actually arrives. Is that a good idea?

It’s actually not a bad idea. As you know, this region of Canada can see some extremely cold nights and early morning hours. If you’re heading to work before the sun even rises, you may have to warm your car up for a while before it’s ready to go. Because of those colder temperatures in fall, that lighter oil would do better for your car’s engine.

It’s a good idea to have questions when it comes to general maintenance and upkeep of your BMW. Any question you don’t ask because you think it’s stupid is a missed opportunity to help you be in a better position to protect your car and keep it operating at peak efficiency now and well into the future.

The best thing you could do right now would be to bring your BMW into an authorized service center to have the oil changed by an experienced technician. Then you’ll be able to ask questions that are important to have answered.


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