What Could Those Engine ‘Rattles’ Mean?

sludge1You may not have any real understanding about cars, the mechanics about them, engines, or how everything works together. That’s okay, you don’t have to. What you should get into the habit of doing, though, is paying attention to the sounds your BMW is making on a daily basis. Some of those sounds can tell you a lot about potential issues that, if not addressed and repaired now, could be extremely costly in the future.

Engine ‘rattles’ can mean many, many things.

An engine rattle could simply be a pulley or bearing that is beginning to wear down. This is not something you want to ignore. It may sound like a simple issue, and your vehicle may run for another 100,000 km without an issue, but something could break off when you’re cruising down the highway at 110 km/hr, and suddenly you have to scramble to get over to the side of the road safely.

It could simply be a bracket that is starting to lose its support system. Some brackets aren’t exceedingly important to the engine function while others are.

The best thing you can do at this point is bring your BMW into an authorized service center for proper diagnosis. If you bring it to a dealership or some other unscrupulous service center, you could find yourself on the wrong and of a several thousand dollar bill that wasn’t necessary in the first place.

Integrity and honesty still matter in this business to some. It certainly matters to Bimmex.

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