Enjoying Summer in Your BMW with Proper Care

Summer is an awesome time of the year, for most people anyway. It’s a time for beach trips, vacations, hiking in the mountains, barbecues, and spending time with the people who matter most in our life. When you have a BMW, summer can even feel better because of that awesome driving machine.

You simply want to make sure you take care of it properly throughout the season. Of course, it’s a good idea to develop great upkeep and maintenance habits throughout the year, but during the summer there are going to be some unique challenges to face.

Make sure you change the oil as needed.

Depending on your BMW, the manufacturer’s recommendations, your driving habits, and other factors, you may need to change the oil more frequently than you would expect. However often it is recommended that you replace the oil, do so.

Also use the proper weight oil.

There are many different weights of oil that you can use. Make sure if your BMW calls for 0W-20, for example, you use that weight. If it calls for 5W-30, use that weight. If it calls for full synthetic, make sure you do that.

All of these different weights are specifically engineered to help protect your engine and maximize performance. During the summer, as the temperatures increase, the type of oil you may be recommended to use might change. Change with the season.

Keep an eye on your tire pressure.

Tire pressure is important all year long. During the summer, because the heat in the air and off the road, your tires react differently. Check with an authorized BMW service center like Bimmex to determine what optimal tire pressure should be in your vehicle’s tires.

Finally, make sure your wipers are working properly.

Summer storms can be intense. Make sure you can see clearly no matter where you’re driving, day or night. Make sure you have quality wiper blades on your BMW.

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