Evaluating Your Driving Habits to Improve Safety

Are you a safe driver? Most people would say they are, but reality is much different. There are so many accidents out on the roads today that could be avoided. Some of those accidents result in fatalities.

This summer, Bimmex wants to make sure you and your family and friends are safe while out on the roads. So, let’s evaluate your particular driving habits to determine just how safe you really are.

Where is your cell phone while driving?

If you have a habit of keeping your cell phone next to you, picking it up every so often to check for text messages, directions, or anything else, you are distracted. Even if you do this while at a stoplight, you are not paying attention to everything around you.

Put that phone away. If you use it for GPS navigation, keep it in its stand and don’t touch it unless you pull over into a parking area first.

Do you tend to stop quickly?

A lot of people today have an unfortunate habit of coming to hard stops. If you decelerate faster than 15 km/s, that is too fast. You can lose control of your vehicle quickly and, you probably won’t be giving yourself the stopping distance you need.

Do you crank up the music?

When you’re cruising around in the summer, if you have the music cranked up really loud, the windows closed, the air conditioning pumping, how are you going to hear emergency vehicles, a horn blaring to warn you of impending danger, or other signals? Listening to music at a loud volume is great, but just make sure you can hear what’s going on outside your vehicle as well.

The more you pay attention to your driving habits, the more you can begin to shape them into good habits to keep you and everyone else with you safe.

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