The First 3 Things You Should Do if Your BMW Won’t Start

The First 3 Things You Should Do if Your BMW Won’t StartIf you get up in the morning, get ready for work, and head out to your garage or driveway to your BMW, you expect it to turn over every time. However, if you left the lights on, if there is a short in the system, if the alternator goes bad for whatever reason, you could find yourself stranded. You may sit behind the wheel and turn the key and nothing happens.

You may also find that when you turn the key the engine begins to turn over but it never catches. Because of fuel injection, you don’t have to worry as much about flooding the engine as you did when cars were mostly designed with a carburetor.

However, in the event your BMW doesn’t start, these are the first three things you should do.

1. Don’t panic. Yes, you may very well be late to an important meeting or an appointment, but nothing is going to change that at the moment. If you have a secondary vehicle, you’re obviously going to want to use that one. You may also be able to call for a ride from a coworker, friend, or someone else.

2. Avoid trying to diagnose the problem yourself. You may have some familiarity with cars, and that may be tempting to try and figure out what is wrong with your vehicle yourself, but that won’t be practical in most situations. You may assume it’s the battery and head out to pick up a new one. You install the battery and find the car starts, but within another day you might be back to the same problem and have wasted valuable time and money.

3. Call on an experienced and reliable auto service company. Bimmex is one of the most reliable BMW service centers throughout Toronto. They can arrange to have your vehicle towed to their facility to have it properly diagnosed and repaired. The sooner you call, the sooner you’re going to have your BMW back and running like new.


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