Four Ways Your Driving Habits Are Hurting Your Beemer

You love your BMW. You should. It is one of the finest automobiles on the roads today. Whether your BMW is brand new or is considered a classic, how you drive it can be affecting it directly. Your driving habits could actually be hurting your Beemer without you knowing it.

Below are four ways that your driving habits could actually be causing damage to your BMW, putting you and others at risk, or even costing you more money because you have to fill up faster due to low fuel efficiency.

1. You haven’t checked or changed the fluids and filters.

You have a fuel filter, air filter, and other filters in your BMW. You also have power steering, engine coolant, oil, transmission, and other fluids. However, you haven’t brought your BMW in for an inspection or servicing and really haven’t paid attention to the fluids. Sure, you’ve had the oil changed regularly, but that’s been about it.

This is a bad driving habit to get into. You should make sure to have those fluids and filters checked and replaced as needed.

2. Ignoring the check engine light.

Everything seems great. The BMW is operating smoothly and there’s no issue. However, the check engine light went on. You don’t have time to deal with it at the moment, you keep driving. Eventually, you basically forget the light is even on.

While it may be a minor issue, it can also lead to major problems The last thing you’ll want is to be stuck on the side of the road.

3. Hard braking.

When you come to a hard stop, your vehicle may respond well, but you’re wearing out the brake pads much more quickly. It can also be causing warping to the rotors. Take time to come to a full and complete stop. It will help to protect your BMW longer.

4. Brisk acceleration.

When you slam on the accelerator, you love the feel of the power at your fingertips. While this isn’t always a major problem, constant hard acceleration can cause long-term problems, especially if you don’t change the spark plugs, check the fluids, and maintain your BMW as you should.

If any of these driving habits describe you, get your BMW into an authorized service center for a thorough inspection to ensure it is safe and at peak performance levels.

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