Fuse Trouble: 3 Steps when Something’s Not Working on Your BMW

your car won't startYou jump in your BMW right after work and notice something is not right. You turn on the radio but nothing happens. You try to fiddle with a few switches but it still doesn’t come on.

It might not be the radio, though. It could be the lights or something else that isn’t working properly. While it could certainly be an electrical problem in the wiring, more often than not it is a fuse related issue. If the fuse has blown that means that there is likely a short in the system. It could be due to a small mouse, squirrel, or something else trying to make a home in your BMW, especially when the weather begins to turn colder.

Here are three steps you should take when something is not working properly on your BMW, but you can still drive it fine without any issues, especially safety issues.

Step #1: Avoid the temptation of diagnosing the problem yourself.

30 years ago cars were much simpler than they are now. Today they are controlled by computer systems that are highly advanced. If you begin tinkering around with your BMW you could actually do more damage than you would repair.

Step #2: Contact an authorized BMW service center.

You should bring your BMW into an authorized service center to have it properly diagnosed. It may very well be a faulty fuse that broke, leading to the problems you’re facing now. It could also be something a bit more serious that could potentially be a fire hazard or some other issue that can cause you to break down on the side of the road.

Step #3: Stop driving the car until it is repaired.

While you may be fine without the radio working for some time, if the issue is serious, it could completely shut down the engine. Imagine driving down the highway at 100 km/h or faster and everything coming to a complete stop. You can lose power steering, power brakes, and the ability to control your vehicle.

Any time something completely stops working, even if it is just the cigarette lighter, it’s time to have it properly diagnosed and repaired before you take it back out on the road.

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