What You Get With an Inspection I Service

Key Maintenance Checks for Your BMW, Especially Following WinterYour BMW requires an Inspection I and an Inspection II service. While you certainly don’t need to bring it in for any of the services, it is highly recommended and can help reduce costs in the future and also maintain your warrantee in good standing.

So what is involved with an Inspection I service?

There are many parts involved in this type of inspection and service, including a road test. It also offers a many points inspection and a few quick tune-ups. Here are a few things that will take place during this inspection.

The oil and oil filter will be changed. The engine will be checked and determined that it is operating at the correct temperature. The power steering system, rear axle, and transmission will all be checked for leaks. The few connections, lines, and tanks will also be visually checked for leaks.

The exhaust system will be checked for leaks as well as proper positioning and mounting. The front control arm and bushing will be inspected for wear. The brake pad contact points, brake disc surfaces, and the thickness of your brake pads will be inspected. The brake lines and clutch system connectors will be checked for leaks, damage, and proper positioning.

All tires, including the spare, will be inspected for proper tire pressure. They will also be checked for wear and even tread. Alignment will also be checked and corrected, if necessary. The wheel center hubs will be greased.

The diagnostic system will be checked with the scanner, the antifreeze, coolant, brake, clutch, and windshield washer fluid levels will be checked and added to, if necessary.

A battery load test will be performed and the service indicator light will be reset.

The washer and wiper system will be checked for proper functionality, all indicator lights, instrument panel, and dashboard illumination will be checked, interior and exterior lights will be checked for proper function, safety belts will be checked for functionality, the heating and air blowers and the foggers will be inspected for proper functionality, and all mirrors will be inspected for proper working condition.

There are some other aspects that go into an Inspection I service, but this is generally what will take place.

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