Getting the Most Out of Your BMW eDrive System

batteryBMW has been adding eDrive systems to more and more models through the years, and while it’s incredible for energy efficiency and fuel efficiency, there are steps you can take if your particular BMW has the eDrive concept installed in it.

What is the eDrive system?

This is a combination of an electric motor, a lithium ion high-performance battery, and an intelligent energy management system. This means your BMW can travel farther on less fuel, saving you money, and even improving performance when you need it.

How to get the most out of this system.

You will have the option of combining the onboard lithium-ion battery with traditional fuel in your BMW. This can help you boost power when needed, especially during rush hour or local city driving when you need to accelerate a bit faster.

However, you can also completely switch over to fully electrical mode, which will rely exclusively on the lithium ion battery. This can help you save a tremendous amount of fuel when driving throughout the city of Toronto or other areas where you have a lot of stop and go traffic.

If you’re concerned about emissions, you can switch completely over to the electrical system and your BMW will be riding around without producing any harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

Not every BMW is equipped with the eDrive system. If you’re looking to purchase a new BMW or even a certified used BMW, and you want to maximize fuel efficiency and help the environment, this is something to consider.

It offers great versatility and, if you prefer a bit more power if needed during certain driving conditions, you have that option readily available at your fingertips. When you have the eDrive system in your BMW, you have options that provide you great benefits, not just in saving fuel, but also helping the environment and providing an even smoother, quieter ride when you need it.

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