Getting the Most Out of Your BMW iDrive System

IDRIVE VEH CHECKSlipping behind the wheel of a brand new BMW can be an exhilarating experience. If you’ve owned BMWs in the past, you can readily attest to that initial feeling of getting in the car, turning on the engine, and feeling the power at your fingertips and the bottom of your feet.

Today, technology is driving innovation. Now BMW has been relying on the iDrive system that helps ensure greater safety for their drivers on the road.

What is the Head Up iDrive system?

This is an innovative system designed to reduce distracted driving. It relies on a high-resolution screen coupled with an antiglare component that puts everything you need with an easy sight.

The system will project vital driving information right to the driver’s immediate line of sight. It also doesn’t interfere with visibility of the road ahead. Some of this vital information can include speed, direction when following GPS navigation, temperature outside, blind spot detection, engine issues, fuel efficiency, and more.

The system relies on a combination of visual elements and advanced animation to make it easy to see and fun to rely on.

The system uses a touchscreen component to make it easy and safe to use the phone, radio, GPS, and CD player. When you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to adjust the radio station, make a phone call, or do anything else while behind the wheel, your attention can be on the road ahead, where it should be.

How to get the most out of your new BMW system.

The best way is to sit in the driveway with the vehicle in park and the emergency brake engaged and go over your new system personally. Check all of the components, set up your phone with the Bluetooth connectivity built into it, and experiment.

Play around with different options. Become comfortable with it. Don’t try to do this while out on the road. Be safe and remember it’s not just you and your life at stake when you’re cruising down the road at 110 km/h.

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