Going for a Car Wash or Considering Cleaning It Yourself: Things to Keep in Mind

Car Wash or Considering Cleaning It YourselfYou enjoy the finer things in life. That’s why you purchased a BMW. Whether it’s brand new or certified used, or maybe you even purchased it from the original owner, you want to make sure you take care of your ultimate driving machine as much as possible.

Getting it washed on a regular basis is one of those commonly overlooked maintenance jobs. It’s commonly overlooked because most people think about a car wash as being more about appearance than actually protecting it. Yet after a long, difficult winter season, it’s important to get all of the road salt and even the new chemicals that are sprayed on roads increasingly in recent years off, and while you can certainly wash the car yourself, it may not get all of those corrosive chemicals from underneath your vehicle.

There are also other potential problems associated with washing the car yourself. Below are a few things to keep in mind with regard to this particular debate. No matter whether you choose to do it yourself or bring it to a professional car wash facility, keep that BMW looking great and it will pay off in the long run.

Using the right materials.

Your BMW’s finish is such high quality that it’s important to use the proper sponges, cloths, and even soap to avoid corrosion, scratches, and other potential damage. Even if you use the right terrycloth towels and wax the vehicle on a regular basis, you could end up seeing wax buildup, swirling scratch marks, and much more.

Many of the car washes throughout Toronto today are touch free, meaning they use high pressure water to clean the vehicles. This helps to protect the finish while also removing the dirt.

Don’t forget the wheel wells.

The tires and wheel wells are important to keep clean. However, after you’ve washed the entire vehicle, the last thing you might want to do is get down in your knees and scrub the inside portion of the wheel well.

This is where much of the salt and other road chemicals collect throughout the winter season. If you don’t get a lot of pressure in the hose and get under their wheel well enough, it can potentially lead to corrosion along the axle, bolts, and other components.

Protecting the environment.

Certain car washes and other cleaning solutions can be harmful for the environment. If you’re washing your BMW in the driveway, that dirty water and those chemicals have to go somewhere. If they go into the ground, they could eventually end up harming animals and even getting into your well system.

The best option to keep your BMW looking great for as long as possible is to choose a professional car wash facility and use them time and time again.

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