Groaning Noise while Steering Means it’s Time for BMW Repair Service

BMW-Steering-wheelThere are many different noises that can be associated with your BMW over time. The older the car is, the more likely you’ll hear some new and interesting sounds. Pinging, tinking, and rattling are some of the most common and they can indicate all sorts of problems, from minor to quite severe.

If you are driving down the highway, or even a secondary road, and you hear a groaning noise coming from the car as you turn, then it’s time to make an appointment and bring your BMW to an authorized repair facility.

What that odd noise can signify.

Each noise that your BMW makes could mean a variety of things. While ‘groaning’ is not a specific description, there are certain variables that could indicate what this noise means. If you don’t hear that groaning noise when you’re pulling out of a parking lot or traveling at low speeds, but you hear it grow louder the faster you go, and it disappears when you drive straight but builds the moment your wheels turn, this could very well be a wheel bearing that had lost the grease pack and is failing.

It is a potentially dangerous situation that you should never play around with. If the bearing seizes (which it will in time) while you’re cruising down the highway, the entire wheel will immediately stop turning. This can cause a loss of control and even worse.

That groaning noise will usually begin more subtle at first and then become louder. However, there is no real indication on when a bearing could seize up, so ignoring the noise could be costly to yourself and others on the road or in the vehicle with you.

Any groaning noise that you hear should immediately be followed with a call to an experienced and authorized BMW service center. Stop driving it as soon as possible, even if that means having it towed to the facility. It’s better to be safe than risk a serious accident.

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