Harsh Braking: A Growing Problem for BMWs and Every Other Car

brake padsHarsh braking can be a major problem for vehicles. More and more people today seem to have lost skills when driving. Maybe it’s not losing skills but never having been taught properly.

Harsh braking is basically an aspect of driving where in the individual approaches a stop sign or traffic light, and the driver presses hard on the brakes at the last minute. Any time a car jerks back when it comes to complete stop, that’s an indicator that the operator was too harsh on the brakes.

What can harsh braking do?

First, it’s going to wear down the brake pads much more quickly. This means added expense for the driver or whoever owns the vehicle. Depending on driving conditions, how often an individual has to stop and get going again at traffic lights or in traffic, brakes can need to be replaced within 20,000 km or less in some situations.

Proper braking technique.

The best way to slow down and come to a stop is to give yourself plenty of time. When driving at about hundred kilometers per hour on the highway, it’s recommended that you give at least three seconds of distance between you and the car in front of you. It may take time for you to figure out exactly what this looks like visually, but at 55 km/h, that’s about how far it should take you to come to a smooth and comfortable stop. On the highway, if you have to come to a stop for any reason, it will require three or four times that length in order to do it without having to slam on the brakes too hard.

It takes time to develop this kind of skill, but the more focus you put into slower, more casual braking when approaching a stop sign or a traffic light, the easier you’re going to be on your brakes and that’s going to wear out your BMW’s brakes less quickly.


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