If You Haven’t Done So Yet, It’s Time to Transition to Summer Tires

Rotating the Tires Helps them Last Longer and Improves Traction for Your BMWSummer is just around the corner. While we have been enjoying some ups and downs in the temperatures lately, no one can argue the fact that June is here and July is right around the corner. The hottest months of the year are still ahead and if you are driving your BMW with winter tires still on it, it’s well past time you had them switched out to tires that are more specifically designed for warmer weather.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between winter or all season tires and good, high traction summer tires is usually in the tread. The tread of winter tires will likely be thicker and more ragged. This allows your BMW to cut through the snow that is so common throughout the Greater Toronto Area throughout winter.

Thinner tread tires that don’t have the same kind of jagged lines to them help to provide better traction offer better fuel efficiency and more control during the summer months.

It’s also a good idea to realize that heat affects rubber performance.

The colder it is, the more difficult it becomes for tires to grab onto the pavement. During the summer, traction improves, but only if you maintain optimal tire pressure.

The recommended tire pressure during winter is different than it is during the summer, and if you don’t know much about tire tread, tire pressure, or other things, bring your BMW into Bimmex and have one of the friendly, professional, and highly experienced and well-trained auto service technicians look at what you have on there, recommend whether or not they should be changed, and explain the details about why it’s so important to pay attention to the tires you have on your vehicle every season of the year.

Stay safe and have fun this summer with good, quality tires on your BMW.

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