When You Should be Heeding Your BMW’s Maintenance Light

IDRIVE VEH CHECKSome car owners have a tendency to ignore their ‘check engine’ or maintenance light. It’s easy to do that, especially if the vehicle seems to be running just fine as it is.

When you have a BMW, you may noticed the engine symbol or maintenance light illuminated in yellow, which could very well be indicating a potential problem is arising. Some BMWs have a bar with various colors that indicate when it’s time to get an oil change or take it in for Inspection I or Inspection II service.

While your BMW is an incredibly well designed machine, every single machine that is produced in the world requires regular maintenance and service. For minor vehicles, that check engine or maintenance light can be a nuisance for some people. Usually when it goes on, the first thing people think about is the expense associated with whatever problem has arisen as a result of that light (or that caused the light to go on).

When they’re driving around and everything seems to be just as it was before, they may have a tendency to just put off contacting their authorized BMW service center to bring it in. After all, how important could it be if the car accelerates fine, that doesn’t show any signs of difficulty braking, and is exhibiting no other potential problems?

In truth, some of those maintenance lights could be spurred by minor issues that won’t require a significant amount of work. However, any time the maintenance or check engine light goes on in your BMW, it is indicating the computer has detected a problem within the system. It’s important to have a diagnostic tool connected to the car’s onboard computer system to determine what the problem is as soon as possible.

Even a potentially minor issue could become significant in a relatively short amount of time if it’s ignored. Don’t ignore your maintenance light; bring it into Bimmex as soon as it illuminates.

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