Hesitation on Acceleration: Could It be the Fuel or Something More with Your BMW?

Hesitation on Acceleration: Could It be the Fuel or Something More with Your BMW?You’ve had your BMW for several years. It has been a great car to drive and you’ve had a lot of fun. As the kilometers keep mounting, you understand the importance of regular maintenance. You might have brought it in for the Inspection I and Inspection II services, paid for regular maintenance and repairs, changed the oil consistently, checked all the fluids, and basically kept it looking like new.

However, recently you may have noticed hesitation when accelerating. This might only happen every once in a while, but it is noticeable and you’re concerned about it. There could be a number of things going on that cause hesitation in acceleration.

It could very well be the fuel that you added last time. Choosing fuel at an inexpensive gas station may seem like a bargain at the time, but not all fuel is treated the same. Cheap fuel might not have the type of octane or additives that your BMW had been used to or requires.

Some BMWs require higher octane, such as 89, 91, or even 93. If your BMW doesn’t stipulate a specific octane rating, or stipulates that 87 is required, then adding a higher octane can actually cause more problems in the long run and waste money for you.

Another potential problem that could be causing acceleration issues could be the spark plugs. If the spark plugs are old, the gap could have increased as components wear out. This can affect acceleration and power.

Water in the gas tank can also cause some issues with acceleration, though this would more likely be a temporary issue that would resolve itself once all of the moisture in the tank was burned off.

The best way to determine what’s causing acceleration issues is to bring your BMW to an authorized service center, like Bimmex.

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