Not-So-Hot Air from Your BMW’s Heating System

keeping warm in your older bmwIt’s cold. The temperature is well below zero. The sun hasn’t yet risen this morning and you let your BMW warm up for at least 10 minutes (though you had to run around a bit more, so it could have been 20).

You slip in behind the wheel and crank on the heat. All you’re met with, though, is barely warm air. It’s not doing much to defrost the windshield and your fingers start to hurt gripping the wheel.

What could have happened?

You finally get enough visibility through the windshield (though to be safe you should always wait until the entire windshield, rear window, and side windows are free of frost) and decide you’ve waited long enough; you head to work.

By the time you get there you’re frozen. That lukewarm air (at best) felt cold the entire trip. You can still see your breath inside the car. Frustrating, right?

The cause could be several things. It could be the heat coil. It could be something wrong with the radiator. It might have to do with the blower.

Now is the time to bring it to an authorized BMW service center.

You might get lucky on the way home and the heat could come back, even if it’s not actually fully as hot as you’re used to, but odds are it won’t.

When the heat fails in a car, it’s a major problem, especially during winter. The moment you have the opportunity, contact an authorized BMW service center to make an appointment to bring it in.

Not only is this an uncomfortable situation, it could be downright unsafe.

You could be exposing yourself to unnecessary health or safety risks when you’re driving around a freezing car. Are you paying attention as clearly as you would normally? Not likely.

Are you waiting for the defroster to work? Probably not.

If this happens, contact Bimmex, a leading authorized BMW service center in the Greater Toronto Area.


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