The Impact of City Driving on Your BMW

city-driving-ontarioDriving in the city of Toronto is different than driving in the country. It takes a different toll on your BMW when you’re in the heart of a city and that means you need to take extra care of your vehicle when you do a lot of city driving.

Stop and Go

The most significant difference between city and country driving is the stop and go traffic that you’ll encounter. Every time that you reach a red light, stop sign, or traffic jam, you’re placing an increased burden on your brakes and engine.

As the brakes are used more often, they will wear down more quickly. On top of that, the rotors or drums of your BMW will heat up when in constant stop and go traffic. When they heat up (as with any metal), they become more pliable. As a result, this can lead to warping.

If you notice that your BMW begins to shimmy or shake when you’re coming to a stop, this is most likely caused by rotors becoming warped and the brake pads tightening then loosening against those rotors with each turn of the wheel.

You should have your brakes checked more frequently when you do a significant amount of city driving, or any stop and go driving.

Your engine also takes more abuse. An engine that is running at 100 kph will be under less stress and strain than one that has to continually start up and accelerate, whether it’s from 0 or a few kilometers per hour as you may find during rush hour traffic.

The more stress that your Beemer’s engine is placed under, the more care it will require. As a result, even though you may be expecting to bring your BMW in for the Inspection I or Inspection II service at set times, if you do a lot of city driving, you should have it checked more frequently.

It may also be recommended that you change the oil more frequently when you’re doing the majority of your driving in the city.


Pollution and air quality are generally concerns when you are in a city like Toronto. As a result, this will change the performance of your BMW’s engine over time. Make sure that you have the air filter and other filters checked more frequently if you’re spending more time on city roads than country ones.

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