How Important Are Those BMW Inspections, Really?

inspectionYou know all about the BMW Inspection I and Inspection II service, and while they may still be some time off, how important are they, really? You may assume that since they are recommended it’s not really all that important.

In truth you may discover with your brand new BMW there’s nothing to worry about in that first Inspection I service. They will be looking at many components and aspects of your BMW, from bumper-to-bumper. They’ll be looking at how the engine is operating, how the suspension and brakes look, how the exhaust is operating, and so much more.

Will they find anything to address?

It’s possible. If there is a manufacturer’s defect, something that isn’t quite operating as designed, or anything else, fixing it then can have a dramatic impact on the longevity of your BMW in the years ahead.

When it comes to the Inspection II service, it becomes even more essential that you bring it in to an authorized BMW service center to have them look at it. The difference between the first and second service has to do with the age and how many kilometers have been put on your BMW since you bought it.

The older your BMW is, the more use it’s gotten, the more likely things are beginning to wear out. The suspension could be wearing out. You want to make sure the bearings are packed properly with grease. You want to have the U-joints and tie rods checked. You want to make sure the spark plugs, exhaust, hoses, vacuums, and everything else are still intact, there are no breaks, damage, leaks, or other issues that could be caused by many different factors, including debris on the road that gets kicked up underneath your vehicle.

If you’re assuming these inspections are only designed to ‘find’ problems that need to be fixed (costing you money), that’s not what it is. It’s about helping to protect your BMW and, ultimately, save you money over the life of your vehicle.


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