Why It’s So Important to Understand Your Dashboard Warning Lights

When you sit down in your BMW, insert the key or depress the button, you’ll notice a number of lights illuminating on the dashboard. While some of them go off almost right away, some may linger for a few seconds before finally flickering off. Most people don’t pay much attention to these dashboard indicator lights, but they are important to know what they are, why they are there, and what they indicate.

Do you know what the check engine light is?

This is usually a light in the shape of an engine. If this illuminates and stays on, it’s a sign that the vehicle’s onboard computer system has detected an issue with some component or even multiple components in the engine or related parts.

The vehicle might run smoothly and start up just fine, but that doesn’t mean everything is in good condition. It could be a minor issue or something that may lead to you being stuck on the side of the road.

What about the brake light?

This could be the word ‘brake’ or a B or something with a ! next to it. This could indicate a problem with the braking system or that one of your taillights is out.

‘SRS’ basically refers to the safety restraint system. This is essentially your seatbelts. If something is not working properly, in the event of an accident, you or somebody else in your vehicle may not be protected as designed by the manufacturer.

Sit down with your vehicle’s manual and look at all of these indicator lights. Understand what they mean. The service indicator light on a BMW might be a series of green square lights in a row that go out and eventually lead to yellow then red to indicate it’s time to bring your car into an authorized BMW service center for an oil change, Inspection service, or for some other general maintenance reason.

Never ignore these indicator lights as they will help you stay safe and keep your vehicle operating at peak performance levels.

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