Increased Road Noise in a BMW: Steps to Take


bmw winter tiresIf you experience more road noise in your BMW, it may be due to the simple fact that it is getting older. There may be other reasons for increased road noise and we will talk about a few of them here in this article.

Common causes of increased road noise.

1. New tires. If you have new, all weather or winter tires installed on your BMW, it can certainly increase the amount of road noise you hear. Depending on the type of tread those tires have, it could cause there to be more noise humming through the tread and filtering into your vehicle.

2. Worn out or missing insulation around the doors. When you open any door on your car, you will notice what appears to be similar to weather stripping around your home’s window. This helps to reduce cold air getting in as well as road noise. If some of it has worn out or been ripped off, you may notice more noise as you drive.

3. Different road surfaces. When you change your commute to work, you might be driving on different roadways. Depending on the type of pavement or road surface, it can increase or decrease the amount of road noise you experience.

For example, a concrete road surface will generally generate more noise than certain macadam surfaces.

How to reduce this road noise.

If you have installed new winter or all weather tires on your vehicle, make sure they are facing the correct direction. Some tires are direction specific and can only be facing a certain way, otherwise it can increase the amount of road noise you hear (and reduce traction).

Have the insulation or stripping around the door repaired or replaced. This can create a better seal when the doors close, thus cutting out a significant amount of noise.

If you are still having problems with road noise, bring your BMW into an authorized service center to have it diagnosed. You want to make sure there are no other issues arising with your BMW that could be causing what sounds like road noise. It might actually be something more that an experienced technician can address and repair.


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