Inspect the Air Filter on Your BMW Before Summer

How to Properly Inspect a Used BMW before You BuySummer is here and that means is it time to make sure your BMW is ready for the summer driving season ahead. That includes checking all the fluids but also making sure filters, including the air filter, are clean and ready to take on what summer throws your way.

The air filter is commonly overlooked in many vehicles, and for some good reasons. Most people don’t really think much about it.

That doesn’t mean it’s not important. In fact, the air filter is essential for proper engine functioning but to also protect the engine and its vital components. Any dirt or other debris that gets passed in the air filter, if it’s ripped, for example, can cause damage.

The most common problem with air filters.

However, the most common problem people have with their air filters is that they get clogged. Even a BMW that sits in a garage all winter and is rarely ever exposed to the outside is going to ingest a great deal of particulates, including leaves, dust, dirt, and pollutants.

The material of the air filter is designed to catch all of that stuff, so it can’t go anywhere except onto the filter itself. As it gets clogged, the engine will have a more difficult time drawing air into it.

In order to function at peak levels and maintain the integrity of all working components in the engine, there needs to be a proper mix of fuel and air. If the air is not coming in at the appropriate rate, more fuel is getting drawn into the Pistons as they get fired.

This can lead to an overly rich mixture, poor fuel efficiency, and poor performance. Given enough time, a clogged air filter can lead to overheating and other major problems.

If you don’t know where the air filter is or how to check it, bring it into Bimmex. The friendly and knowledgeable auto service technicians there will help to make sure your fluids and filters are clean, replaced if needed, and your BMW is ready for summer driving season ahead.


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