Intake Manifold Gasket Leaks on a BMW: Potential Problems They Can Cause

gasket kitIf you don’t have any idea what an intake manifold is on your BMW, don’t feel bad; most people wouldn’t have a clue where to even begin looking for one on their car either. While it’s not something that is considered common knowledge for most car owners, the gasket on the intake manifold can fail over time and that can lead to leaks.

Gaskets within an engine will fail for a variety of reasons. Some will fail because they were installed wrong or because the bolts securing the seal were tightened too much. They could also fail because of the intense heat that the engine produces.

No matter why it may have failed, an intake manifold gasket leak could cause some problems for your BMW. One of those problems is that the fuel to air ratio will be off. The intake manifold is what is responsible for drawing in air into the engine to mix with the fuel. There is a specific fuel to air mixture that needs to occur in order for your engine to operate at peak performance levels.

When that mixture is off, it could cause you to be getting poor fuel efficiency, reduced power, and even a rough ride.

While you may not notice anything wrong with your BMW while you’re driving it, when you realize that it’s beginning to cost you more to fill up the tank than it has in the past, and the gas prices have remained consistent, then something is likely going wrong within the engine or the fuel tank.

The intake manifold can be one potential cause of this problem. Bring your car to an authorized BMW auto service center and the technicians there will be able to quickly diagnose the situation. Repairing the intake manifold gasket may take some time, but it will protect your car’s engine for the future.

Always may sure that you replace the air filter on your BMW regularly so that you help protect that gasket and the internal components of your engine.

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