Keeping Your BMW Running Great throughout the Summer

3 Reasons Synthetic Oil May be Better for Your Particular BMWIt’s usually winter time when people consider the challenges of keeping their vehicle running in good condition. BMWs are engineered to be high-performance automobiles and while Toronto area winters can certainly be harsh on any vehicle, the summer can also be a challenge.

During the summer, temperatures can get quite high and that can cause a number of issues for internal engine combustion and maintenance.

There are several things every BMW owner should do to help keep their BMW running at optimal performance levels throughout the summer months.

It’s a good idea to get into a habit of general maintenance year round, but during the summer there are a few things that should be focused on more acutely than they are at other times.

1. Using the proper oil.

Your BMW isn’t exposed to the cold starts in the summer like it is during the winter. Therefore, a thicker oil is usually better during the summer months. It’s always best to use synthetic oil now with high-performance engines. Change the oil at the appropriate intervals, as defined by your manufacturer.

2. Check and replace the coolant as needed.

Even though you might not notice the coolant leak in your BMW, that doesn’t mean it’s fine to use the same coolant that has been in the radiator and moving through the engine for the past couple of years. It should have been replaced by now, but if it wasn’t, summer is a good time to get it done. By having fresh coolant moving through your engine, it will cool down more efficiently and help it maintain optimal performance levels.

3. Check the tire pressure.

Your tire pressure during the summer months can be a little lower than you may set it at and winter. The asphalt is hotter and softer and that makes traction easier when the tires are not inflated as high as they usually are during the winter. It’s best to have your tires checked by an experienced professional, such as a technician at a BMW service center.

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