The More You Know About Basic Car Care, the More You’ll Focus on General Maintenance

3 Reasons Synthetic Oil May be Better for Your Particular BMWUnderstanding oil and other fluids.

Engine oil and coolant are essential for your engine to operate properly. When your engine is running, pistons are moving up and down inside cylinders and valves are opening and closing in an extremely fast-paced ritual dance that moves fuel and oxygen through the engine to be fired at the exact moment they need to.

Oil provides lubrication around the pistons and in the cylinders, as well as along the valves, thus reducing friction. If the oil is old and worn out, it won’t offer the kind of protection your engine needs. This can lead to scratches inside the cylinder, the heat to increase, and the risk of failure to increase.

It’s important to change the oil as recommended and also flush and replace the coolant and antifreeze twice per year, once in the spring after winter and once before winter.

Learn how brakes work.

Disk brakes work by calipers compressing brake pads down over discs. Drum brakes work by smaller calipers pushing the brake pad outward, up against brake drum.

When brake pads are worn down, they will admit a high-pitched squeal that is a result of a metal bar striking the metal disk or drum. When that happens, it’s time to have them replaced.

To learn more about the basics of how your car works and what you should do to keep them functioning at the best level, visit an authorized service center like Bimmex and you will be more inspired to invest in proper maintenance in the future.


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