Why Let Your BMW Warm Up on Cold Mornings?

keeping warm in your older bmwIf you’re like most people today, you have a tendency to start your car, put it in drive, and start rolling toward your destination. Whether you have a BMW or any other vehicle, regardless of its age, it’s important to let it warm up, especially on cold mornings. There are plenty of good reasons to do this, but perhaps the most important is it allows all of those other components that make an engine work and a car move warm-up, at least a little.

The cold, harsh winters of Toronto.

Anyone who has lived in Toronto for at least one winter season knows full well how challenging it can be to get through this season. It is extremely cold at times, snow can be tremendous, and it can certainly get frustrating, especially when it comes to a commute.

Even if you have a remote keyless entry system and let the car warm up so there’s heat waiting inside for you, you’re missing out on the reason why it’s so important to let that engine warm up, anyway. If you’re missing out on that reason, you may have a tendency to get in your car after work, start it up and just get going because you want to get home as quickly as possible.

It’s actually better for you to sit in the cold car and wait five minutes, at least, to allow your BMW to warm up, especially when it’s below zero. That’s because when an engine is cold, the oil isn’t going to be moving through the cylinders and protecting the engine as well as it does when it is warmer. On top of that, you have to consider the pulleys, bearings, and all of the other moving parts. Whenever the temperature drops, molecules slow down and that makes it more difficult for these metallic parts to move. It can increase tension among those moving parts, potentially increasing the risk of damage over time.

So the next time you seem to be in a hurry and simply don’t want to sit around in a cold car while you’re not moving, think about how long it might take you in the morning to get up and stretch and get moving. We all need a little time to wake up first, and your BMW is no different.

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