Little Rain, but It’s Still Vital to Wash Your BMW Regularly

raindropsEven during times of the year when we don’t get a lot of rain in Toronto, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your BMW. Many people associate periods of rain with mud and other dirt that gets on the road and then is splashed up onto their car.

Even though you may have a few weeks when your car doesn’t see much rain, especially if you keep it in a garage, it should still be washed regularly. Washing, buffing, and waxing your BMW on a regular basis will help to keep it looking in top shape throughout the year.

There are several reasons why washing your BMW on a regular basis is a good idea.

Washing removes dirt.

Depending on the color of your BMW, dirt may show up more readily than with other colors. If you have a finish that hides the dirt, you simply might not notice it collecting on your BMW.

Washing your car at least once a week will ensure that you keep the dirt from building and causing any damage to your car.

Washing removes other debris as well.

Even if you keep your BMW in your garage, any time you were driving down the road or park in it open parking area, there is a risk for other debris falling and collecting on it. This debris can get caught on the windshield, under the wipers, along the back window, and even on the mirrors.

Some of this debris, including pine needles and leaves, can potentially scratch or damage the finish of your car if it gets caught on the paint and rubs along it. Washing regularly will help get rid of this debris.

Washing inspires improved overall care.

When you wash your BMW on a regular and consistent basis, it is going to inspire you to take care of the rest of the vehicle as well. This includes cleaning the interior of your car. The more care that you show your BMW, the longer it is going to last and look like new.

If you prefer to bring your BMW to a touchless car wash, it is not as ideal as hand washing, but it is still better than not washing it at all.

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