How Long Should You ‘Warm Up’ Your BMW on Cold Mornings?

There’s this idea that most people seem to have when it comes to getting your car started on those cold mornings, at the end of a long workday, and basically whenever you need to go out, especially during the heart of winter. This idea is that you need to let your car warm up for five or 10 minutes, at least.

This was once true, but it’s no longer the case.

The most experienced auto service technicians can tell you that warming up the car was basically necessary for those vehicles relying on carburetors. Today, most of the cars you see being manufactured rely on fuel injection and are computer-controlled. That means you only need to get the car running for a few seconds, such as 30 seconds, to have it ready for the open Road.

Advanced synthetic oils also make a difference.

Modern synthetic oils, which are often recommended for late-model BMWs, provide a lot more protection for the sensitive components in your engine. They provide great protection not just during the heat of summer, but also those coldest months during winter.

What about defrosting windows?

If you have ice on the windshield, that’s one thing. You will certainly need to get your BMW warmed up enough so the heating system can start thawing it out. That could take five or 10 minutes, but if everything is all clear and you would rather just get home or to your place of employment, you can get going within a few seconds.

If you have any questions about your BMW, whether there’s a certain noise you need an answer about or other concerns, especially as we head into winter, bring your vehicle into an authorized BMW service center and one of the technicians there should be able to answer your questions. This can help you protect your BMW longer and keep it running great, even as cold temperatures descend upon us.

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