Looking Ahead: General Maintenance Issues for Your BMW this Fall

Rotating the Tires Helps them Last Longer and Improves Traction for Your BMWAutumn is just around the corner and it’s time to think about general maintenance for your BMW. While you might not want to think about the autumn months because winter will soon be following on its heels, it’s a good time to bring your BMW into an authorized service center for general maintenance and a checkup.

Here are some general maintenance issues you may want to focus on this coming fall season.

Replacing the tires. Maybe you have relatively new tires that are all season, but winter tires, tires that are specifically designed for handling snow, are going to be much safer during the winter driving season. You can have your current tires swapped out with these winter tires and then store your all season tires until next spring.

Changing the oil. Autumn is a good time to change the oil, even if you haven’t put as many kilometers on it this summer as you thought you would. Even if you have several thousand kilometers to go before this next scheduled oil change, autumn brings in colder temperatures and that makes it a good time to consider changing the oil weight in your BMW.

Flushing the radiator and coolant system. Even though coolant and antifreeze are often interchangeable, it’s a good idea to flush the system out completely before heading into the winter months. Replacing it with fresh antifreeze will help protect the engine and certain components much more effectively.

Check the spark plugs. If you do a bit of harsh driving in summer, such as quick accelerations and hard stops, you could be placing undue stress on spark plugs. It’s a good opportunity in the fall to check each spark plug and make sure it is in good condition or replace them as needed.

Following these steps tips can help you keep your BMW running great throughout the fall and upcoming winter season.


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