Maintenance Responsibilities for BMW Owners Who Lease

Maintenance Responsibilities for BMW Owners Who LeaseIf you have leased your BMW, you may be wondering what responsibilities you have with regard to maintenance. Because leasing is different than owning the vehicle or purchasing it with a loan, some people have a tendency to neglect maintenance with those vehicles.

For most modern BMWs, there is an Inspection I and Inspection II regular service that should always be met at the appropriate time. On top of that, regular oil changes are essential. Depending on how many kilometers you drive every year, you may have to be responsible for changing the spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, and more.

Oil changes are absolutely essential. Depending on the type of oil, the type of engine, and other factors, you may be required to change the oil every 8,000 km, 16,000 km, or at some other interval. Keeping up to date on proper oil changes and documenting every single time it is done may be a requirement from the leasing company. They want to know their vehicles are being cared for when out on the road.

Some people have a tendency to change the oil and do other general maintenance on their own, but that may not be an option for a leased BMW. Check the contract you signed when you leased the vehicle to determine whether you are permitted to do any general maintenance work on your own. Odds are the vehicle needs to be brought into an authorized BMW service center to have everything done on it, including oil changes, air filter changes, and regular inspections. If you have any questions, contact your leasing agent to be sure.

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