How to Maximize Fuel Efficiency in Your BMW

No one wants to throw good money away. However, if you are not paying attention to the fuel efficiency in your vehicle, which may very well be a BMW, you might just be doing that without realizing it.

There are plenty of things we often do that reduces fuel efficiency.

The most common things are using the wrong fuel or accelerating too fast. Let’s talk about a couple of simple things, habits if you will, you might consider changing that can maximize the fuel efficiency in your vehicle.

Avoid hard acceleration.

Yes, you have a BMW. It is a beast. It is fun to drive and every time you get to a stop sign and the coast is clear or the light turns green, when you’re in front of traffic you want to gun the engine and just feel it purr. However, that is killing your fuel efficiency. It is chugging gas like an athlete drinking water on a hot summer day.

Slow it down. Accelerate casually. Don’t worry about who is behind you; they can always go around you when it’s safe.

Put the right fuel in your BMW.

If your BMW calls for 93 octane, put that in. If he calls for 87, only use that. A lot of people believe putting higher octane fuel in their engine is better for it, but it can actually be worse. It can also affect fuel efficiency. Look at your owner’s manual or, if you are not sure, consult an authorized BMW service center to find out what is optimal for your particular model.

Get your left foot off the brake.

If you are one of the growing number of people who tend to drive with 1 foot on the gas and 1 foot on the brake, stop. You may not realize it, but your left foot will often depress the brake pedal, just a little bit, and when the brakes are engaged, it’s not only reducing fuel efficiency and causing a potentially dangerous situation, it’s also killing your fuel efficiency.

When you change the simple habits, you will begin noticing that you are going farther and farther on each tank of gas.

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