When Do You Need an Alignment for Your BMW?

BMW-Steering-wheelIf you’ve been asking yourself whether or not you need to bring your BMW into an authorized service center to have the alignment checked, the simple answer to this question would be yes. If you have any concerns about the alignment in your BMW or any other vehicle you own, that’s a pretty good indication it’s time to bring it in for proper inspection.

How to know if the alignment is off in your BMW.

You may take your hands off the wheel of your BMW while cruising down the highway for just a few seconds. It holds the lane perfectly. That means it doesn’t need an alignment, right?

Wrong. It doesn’t mean the alignment needs to be adjusted, but there are numerous factors that contribute to alignment problems. You may be cruising down the highway when you remove your hands from the steering wheel, but what pitch or angle is the road at?

If you pay closer attention in the coming days and weeks, you’ll notice that many roads around Toronto and the surrounding areas have a slight pitch to them. Even two lane roads or traffic going both ways will have a slight pitch, usually toward the right for those two lane highways. If you are on a three lane freeway, the left lane may pitch toward the left and the right to lanes may pitch toward the right. It’s all about drainage. So, if you’re in the right or left lane of the highway when you remove your hands from the steering wheel and your BMW continues driving straight, that probably indicates it would drift if on a flat, completely level surface.

The moment you have any concerns about the alignment in any of your vehicles, BMW or otherwise, you should bring it into an authorized, experienced, and reliable auto service center immediately. Alignment is important with regard to safety and maneuverability. Don’t take chances if you have concerns.


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