What You Need to Know About Connected Devices in Your BMW

The Best 4 Car Technologies You May Want to Consider for Your BMWThe world is getting connected. With smartphones, digital watches, tablets, GPS navigation equipment, Bluetooth, and so much more, sitting behind the wheel of a BMW can feel more like sitting in a luxurious recliner at home. In other words, there are plenty of distractions to consider.

Operating a motor vehicle is an incredible responsibility. Most people have a tendency to overlook this responsibility, especially as it becomes more comfortable driving on the area roads. When that happens, they don’t pay as close attention to the roads, cars, and other hazards surrounding them every single minute.

Simply picking up a cell phone to check a text message can distract somebody for several seconds. This can cause them to slam into the back of a stopped vehicle, such as at an unexpected traffic delay on the highway, run through a red light, or drift over into another vehicle. If that happens and the driver drifts over into oncoming traffic, that can cause a head-on collision. If the other drivers paying attention, they might swerve and become involved in a one vehicle accident and the person who caused it, that person checking their cell phone, could be completely unaware of that situation.

Having connected devices means you can connect your smartphone through Bluetooth throughout your vehicle. You can make phone calls with simple vocal directives, such as, “Call Dad,” or anyone else, and you can speak to somebody without having to remove your hands from the steering well.

You might be an extremely experienced driver and are more comfortable keeping one arm on this very well, at 12 o’clock, than you would with both hands on the wheel at 10 and 2 o’clock positions. However, maintaining full control of your vehicle at all times is always done with more precision and more reaction time when you have your hands positioned at 10 and 2 o’clock.

So what do you need to know about connected devices?

Not all ‘connected’ devices should be connected in your BMW. You don’t need a TV or DVD player in the front seat. You don’t really need to take phone calls or make them. And you certainly don’t need to check text messages while driving.

Remember, there was a time when people left home without cell phones, without text messages, and they managed to survive just fine. You probably did, too, at some point in your younger years. You can do it again.

Take advantage of the connectivity your BMW offers, but don’t get carried away to the point where those distractions keep you from being as safe as possible behind the wheel.

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