It’s Never Too Late to Have Your BMW’s Brakes Inspected

brakedrumMaybe you felt too busy during the autumn months to bring your BMW into an authorized service center to have it inspected. If you put on tens of thousands of kilometers since the last inspection, especially a brake inspection3, keep in mind that just because it’s in the middle of winter it’s never too late to have them checked out.

Why brakes should be inspected regularly.

Brakes on any vehicle whether it’s a BMW or some other brand, should be inspected consistently. That’s because every time you apply the brake pedal, they are becoming a bit more worn down and the potential for problems arising increases.

Most people don’t really understand how their brakes work or what causes them to be dangerous. If the brake pads haven’t worn down to the metallic sensor that would emit a piercing sound when applied (sort of like nails across a chalkboard), that doesn’t mean they are in ideal condition.

There are many factors that go into making brakes work effectively, helping you stop in the shortest distance possible, even during snow, ice, and freezing rain conditions.

If any of one of the components (from the master cylinder to the hydraulic line to the calipers, and much more) have problems developing, such as dust getting into the boots, corrosion affecting the caliper pins, and more, this can all impact stopping distance.

It’s easy to assume that any time you bring your vehicle in for a break inspection the technician is going to find something wrong that will cost you hundreds of dollars, if not more, that’s not the case when you rely on a qualified and experienced service center.

A quality authorized BMW service center is only going to recommend brake work if there is a potential risk of problems developing that put you and anyone else in your car or on the road at risk. It’s never too early or too late to get your brakes inspected. Call Bimmex today to schedule an appointment.


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