An Odd Rattle Could Mean Many things on a BMW

sludge1BMWs are some of the finest vehicles on the roads today. If you own a BMW, you’re one of the lucky ones. They are designed for performance, style, and comfort and provide incredible safety features as well.

However, as with any car or truck on the road today, eventually there may be problems with it. The more time that passes and the more kilometers you put on the car, the more likely it will require maintenance, repair, and that it may end up making some interesting noises.

A rattle is one such example of an odd noise that could occur with a BMW. It can and often does occur with almost every car or truck over time. There are many potential causes for rattles within the car itself.

Struts wearing out.

A front-wheel drive BMW will have struts for the suspension in the front of the car. If these struts are worn down (at around 160,000 kilometers), the mount could begin to rattle. It could also be the strut clanging as you hit a bump or pothole in the road.

You will notice the car bouncing more and feel those potholes much more when the struts fail.

The Exhaust System.

Most cars and trucks on the roads today have a catalytic converter. This is designed to reduce the amount of pollution they create. There is an element inside this unit that will wear down over time. At some point it can break loose and you might hear what sounds like a ball bearing bouncing around underneath you. This might be the problem.

Also, the exhaust pipe would have a bracket that rusts due to road salts and water corrosion and that could cause the pipe to rattle against the car’s chassis (main part of the body).

Engine Trouble.

If you hear something rattling from within the engine when you turn it on, but it stops when you turn the car off, it could be something as simple as a bracket that broke, clamp that loosened up, or something more serious such as engine rods breaking down.

No matter where you notice the rattling, it’s important to have your BMW serviced as soon as possible. It may very well be a minor issue right now, but in time it could become much more severe. The sooner it’s diagnosed and repaired, the less damage the problem could ultimately do.

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