How Often Should You Really Change the Oil in Your BMW?

Key Maintenance Checks for Your BMW, Especially Following WinterThere’s a lot of discussion these days about how often you should change the oil in your car. If you have a BMW, you may assume you can go 8,000 or even 16,000 km before having to change the oil.

There are a couple of factors that go into determining just how often you should be replacing the oil. First, is the age of the vehicle. A newer model BMW, with the right type of oil, may very well be able to go 8,000 km or even 16,000 km before requiring an oil change.

A newer model BMW that isn’t relying on the recommended viscosity or weight oil the manufacturer suggests using might do better having the oil changed more frequently.

An older BMW, especially one that has a lot of kilometers on the engine, would do best by having the oil replaced much more frequently, such as every 5,000 km.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to oil changes or when they should occur. The best thing anyone can do is bring their BMW into an authorized BMW service center to have it checked out. Sit down and speak to an experienced technician who can give you a more accurate determination about just how frequently you should be having the oil changed.

You can ask questions about what type of oil is best for your particular year and model BMW. You may discover that full synthetic is highly recommended for your particular model. Or, you could find out that a regular 10W-30 oil is more than adequate, especially considering the age and how many kilometers have been put on the engine.

The more often you change the oil, though, the more protection your offering the engine. So, if you do a lot of stop and go driving, such as city driving, rely on hard stops and fast starts, you’re placing a lot of extra strain and stress on the engine. Therefore, using a much higher quality oil and changing it more frequently will do more overtime to help protect your BMW.

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