Oil Changes in Winter for Your BMW

3 Fluids that Can Leak from a BMWWinter is usually not the time when people are thinking about oil changes. In fact, because it is so cold in this part of the world, it’s easy to overlook doing this very important maintenance task.

This is especially true for those who have a tendency to do the oil changes themselves. When the temperature is well below zero, even a garage will be extremely cold. That can make it uncomfortable to get down on the hard concrete floor surface, slide under the vehicle, release the oil plug, drain the oil, replace a filter, and fill the oil back up.

If you’re one of those people who has a tendency to change the oil in your vehicle yourself, now is the time to consider bringing it to an authorized BMW service center like Bimmex to have the oil changed, especially if you have put on enough miles to warrant changing the oil itself.

Why it’s important to change the oil regularly.

Most people already know they should change the oil at least every 8000 km on their vehicle. There’s a pretty good reason for that. When oil moves through the engine pistons and other components, it collects dirt and grime and even metal shavings from inside the piston cylinders themselves. The older the oil gets, the dirtier it is. That’s because of all of these particulates that are traveling with the oil.

Also, the more oil is used, the more it breaks down. If you don’t change the oil at the recommended intervals, it’s putting your engine at increased risk of damage over time. You might not notice any difference in how it operates, but the engine is wearing out much quicker, especially when old oil is running through the system in cold climates.

During these cold winter days, do the right thing for your vehicle and bring it in to have the oil changed out. Bringing it to Bimmex will be quick and comfortable for you and your BMW.


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