Old Battery Terminals Could Leave You Stranded with Your BMW


7 series 1Even though your BMW might not be that old, there could be some potential problems arising with it that could leave you stranded.

One of the most common issues that motorists throughout Toronto experience at some point or another is a dead battery. There could be many reasons that a battery dies on your BMW. The most common are:

  • Headlights being left on.
  • Interior lights being left on.
  • A failing alternator.
  • Old, worn out battery terminals.

When a battery terminal is corroded, it could potentially drain the battery because the rust and corrosion that exists on the battery terminal can draw power away from the battery itself. If your BMW sits for any length of time with corroded battery terminals, you could find yourself getting in behind the wheel, turning the key, and nothing happens. You might be lucky and get the common click that indicates there is not enough power to turn the starter motor.

Get into the habit of checking your battery and its terminals on a regular basis. Most batteries today will have some type of indicator light to let you know whether it is still good or if it has been drained to the point of no longer holding a charge or starting the car.

The battery terminal in your BMW will be near the engine. You may have a connection point in the trunk of your BMW that is used for jumpstarting it, but this isn’t where your battery is located.

Locate the battery of your BMW. You will see two terminal covers, or possibly just one, depending on the age and model car you own. The positive terminal will have a large red plastic cover over the terminal. Carefully lift this up and check the terminal itself.

If you notice any corrosion or what appears to be like ice forming out from the terminal itself, that is corrosion. You can also spot check the negative side, which might not have any covering over the terminal itself.

If you notice corrosion of any kind, bring your car to a Toronto authorized BMW service center to have it inspected in more detail. This can help prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road.


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