Optimal Tire Pressure for Winters in Canada

Check the Tire Pressure on Your Beemer, Especially when Temperatures ChangeIf you don’t have winter tires yet, it’s a good idea to invest in them. You don’t have to discard your all season tires, especially if they have good tread still on them. You can store them, either overhead in your garage, out back, as long as they don’t sit in direct moisture all winter long, or even in a basement.

As for the tire pressure, every tire manufacturer has a specific recommendation with regard to optimal tire pressure. The average car on the road today is recommended to rely on 32 psi for the tire pressure. During winter, it’s a good idea to actually inflate your tires a bit more than that.

4-5 psi over the recommended setting can help to provide better traction. When the pavement and tires are cold, it creates less traction at a lower psi. By inflating the tires, it helps to improve traction and keep you safer on the roads.

Does that mean your unsafe if you don’t pay attention to the tire pressure?

Not necessarily, but keep in mind that as the temperature begins to drop, your tires will lose pressure naturally. The has to do with the molecules, their speed of motion inside, and other factors. So, if you haven’t paid attention to your tire pressure in past winters, it’s time that you do now.

It’s highly recommended that you bring your BMW or other car into an authorized BMW service center to have them check it, change the oil, get it ready for winter, and check your tire pressure. It’s better to be safe this coming winter season.

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