Only Planning to Keep Your New BMW for a Couple of Years? Proper Maintenance Still Matters

proper maintanceBMW owners understand the value of their high-performance automobile and generally focus on doing what’s right for proper maintenance over time.

However, for people who haven’t owned a BMW before, they may not realize how important it is to focus on proper maintenance schedules.

The reason maintenance schedules exist.

One of the most important reasons why regular maintenance schedules exist is because of the incredible pressure and high temperatures that are generated within the engine itself as well as other components under the hood. Changing the engine oil on a regular basis is essential to protect the internal components of the engine.

Inspecting and checking, even replacing the air filter will help to ensure proper airflow is moving throughout the engine and all components that require it. If an air filter gets clogged, airflow is restricted and that can affect performance, including the amount of fuel that is burned because of the air to fuel ratio.

If spark plugs are too old or are under an incredible amount of stress due to high acceleration and revving of the engine, they might not function as they were designed to.

All new BMWs come with a recommended Inspection I and Inspection II service that should be followed whether you plan on keeping your BMW for many years to come or just plan on having it for two or three years at most.

Not taking care of your BMW can impact its resale value, trade-in value, and can even lead to breakdowns when you least expect it. Do the right thing and properly maintain your BMW for as long as you own it.

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