Poor Acceleration or Knocking: It Could Be the Fuel

Hesitation on Acceleration: Could It be the Fuel or Something More with Your BMW?You’ve had your BMW for quite some time. You’ve taken care of it quite well through the years. You brought it in for the Inspection I and Inspection II services, regular oil changes like clockwork, and made sure the coolant or antifreeze was flushed properly, once in the fall and once in the spring.

You’ve had your BMW checked out thoroughly this past spring and for the first part of summer everything seemed fine. The auto service technician gave it a clean bill of health and said the engine looked great, the components were in good working condition, and there was no reason to assume something bad could happen.

While it may not technically be better yet, you’ve noticed the acceleration is hesitant, the engine knocks every once in a while, and you don’t seem to have the kind of power you use to.

What happened?

That’s the million-dollar question, right? There could be a wide range of possible issues that have developed with your BMW. One problem might very well be the fuel you’re using.

You may have been using the same fuel from the same fuel station for several years and never noticed a problem, but lower quality gas may not have the kind of detergents that help keep your engine clean and working in peak condition.

You may also have bought into the belief that choosing higher octane fuel is better for your car, even if your particular BMW only recommends 87 octane, for example.

It’s a common misconception people have that they can improve performance by adding higher octane fuel than what their vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. What actually happens is problems begin developing as a result, especially with the fuel injection system.

Check the fuel you’ve been using and make sure it’s the proper octane for what the manufacturer recommends for your particular BMW model.

Also, consider the gas itself. If you’re choosing the cheapest possible gas you could find, it might not have adequate detergents and other additives designed to help improve your vehicle’s performance and keep the engine clean. It might be worth investing in a fuel injection cleaner and paying a little bit more for higher quality gasoline.

What you should do right now, though, is bring your BMW to Bimmex to have it properly inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

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