Potential Causes of a Speedometer Not Providing the Right Speed for BMWs

why speedo won't work properlyThe moment you get behind the wheel of your BMW is a great feeling. Settling into the seat that seems to conform to your body makes you feel as though it was built just for you. Turning the key in the ignition roars an engine to life that just purrs for release.

You drop the transmission into drive and head out onto the roads of Toronto, either heading to work, going to the store, or just for a simple drive. It’s exhilarating no matter where you’re going.

So you’ve done some work to your BMW, changed a few things, had new tires put on it, and whatnot. You don’t notice anything but the road rolling under you and the smile on your face.

Then you see those all too familiar flashing lights behind you indicating you need to pull over. At first you hope they aren’t for you, but quickly realize you’ve been tagged. You check your speedometer and it looks like you’re doing 100 km/h. You weren’t speeding!

The officer approaches your car, asks for your ID and information, you hand it to him, and find out you were actually driving 110 km/h, well over the posted limit. How could that be?

The speedometer might not be working properly, and it could be caused by any number of problems.

Different sized tires can change the speedometer reading. If you installed larger tires on your car than the factory specifies, then your speedometer is going to register a slower speed than you’re actually driving. Smaller tires will actually increase the speed on the speedometer.

The speed sensing unit could have a problem. A wire could have been clipped or it may have failed. In some cases, though, a speed sensor unit failure will often affect the car’s ability to shift properly (especially if the computer thinks the car is only going 30, it’s not going to shift into overdrive).

If you notice a potential problem with your BMW’s speedometer or settings, bring it in to an authorized service center as soon as possible. It’s important to have a working and accurate speed when cruising the Toronto streets and highways.

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