Potholes, Those Bangs, and What They Do to Your BMW

pothole damageAfter winter has passed, one thing many Canadians realize is that the conditions of their roads have deteriorated significantly. It’s not the construction of the roads that are a problem; it’s the fact that when moisture gets into a crack, and it freezes, it will expand, creating a larger crack, helping it grow, and every vehicle that drives over it is loosening the asphalt.

This is how potholes get formed. The more these potholes are ignored, the larger they can become and that can do a significant amount of damage to your BMW.

Even if you’ve only hit one major pothole all winter or spring, it’s a good idea to bring your BMW into an authorized service center for proper inspection. It may be running fine, or seem to be running okay, but traveling at even 30 or 40 km/h is more than enough to cause serious damage to the suspension and other components of your BMW the moment you hit a pothole, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time.

Your shocks and struts are designed to help provide you with the smoother, more comfortable ride, but they also improve safety. If those shocks and struts, springs, and other components of the suspension are damaged in any way, it can cause you to lose control of your vehicle under extreme circumstances.

Even a tie rod that has become damaged can be a serious issue. So can U-joints, bearings, ball joints, and much more.

Even though you might see having to bring your BMW into an authorized service center like Bimmex as an unnecessary expense or that it could lead to the discovery of significant work needing to be done to keep it in great condition, it’s better to be safe than lose control of your vehicle at the most inopportune time.

Also, if something in the suspension breaks completely, you could be stranded without the ability to steer, turn, or have some other serious issue at hand. Don’t let that happen to you; a simple inspection doesn’t take long and with Bimmex, you’ll know you’re getting honest and accurate advice if any issues have arisen due to those potholes and winter driving conditions.

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