What to Do if the Power Windows Fail in Your BMW

colored-fuseOne of the key advantages to owning a BMW is that you rarely have to deal with maintenance issues. However, every once in a while a problem could arise that can cause you aggravation. One of those problems could be the power windows failing.

This is a rare issue, but depending on the season and your driving habits, it could be a relatively significant inconvenience. If you are on a business trip or vacation away from home and for some reason the power windows no longer work, there are a few things you can check before you have to make an appointment at an authorized BMW repair center.

Check the fuse.

If you’re not familiar with the fuse system of your BMW, check the owner’s manual. It will have a section explaining where the fuse box is (on the inside of the car, down below the steering wheel) and what each fuse does.

If only one window has failed, then it is not likely going to be a fuse problem. If both or all windows are no longer working, it could very well be the fuse. Pull the fuse out and inspect it. You will notice a thin metal wire that connects both prongs of the fuse. If this is intact and not broken, then the fuse is still good.

If it is broken, then you need to get a new fuse for it.

Diagnose any prior issues.

Think back on whether you heard any groaning or odd sounds coming from the window as you rolled it up or down. If you did, then the motor could have been failing for some time.

If you slammed the door at some point, then this could have knocked the window off the track. If the motor is spinning (you hear it) but the window won’t open or close, then this might very well be the problem.

If the window is stuck open, see if you can manually pull the window up while engaging the motor. If you can’t, keep the vehicle inside in case of rain and make an appointment at your local authorized BMW repair shop as soon as possible, for safety and security.

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