Problems with Aftermarket Alarms for Your BMW

car-brokenWhen you purchased your BMW, you wanted to make sure that it was protected. Most BMWs will come with some type of alarm system, but that might not have been enough for you, or you purchased your BMW as a certified used car and the previous owner installed an aftermarket alarm system.

Most of these alarms do essentially the same things as the manufacturer’s alarm systems, but they can create a number of complications. It’s similar to if you decided to add an application or program to your computer and weren’t exactly sure who the company was that made it or their credentials.

When you install that computer program, it may seem to work fine, at least for a while. Then you begin to notice bugs creeping into your computer system. A program crash here, a failure to load there and before long you’re chasing one problem after another until you get frustrated enough and decide to uninstall the program. Of course, any experience computer user knows that this can cause even more problems.

When you have an aftermarket alarm installed on your BMW, it can interfere with the car’s onboard computer system, including the diagnostic system. Over time, too, the alarm can become finicky and decide to start wailing away in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Try going back to the dealer where you purchased it from (or any aftermarket alarm installer) and you’ll likely get a hefty estimate to fix it, or be told that it needs to be replaced.

Your BMW’s standard alarm system is more than sufficient to protect it. Just take a listen to all of the shrieking car alarms that go off every day throughout Toronto and you’ll realize that no one pays attention to them. If a thief wants your BMW, he isn’t going to let that alarm deter him.

Your best bet is to have it removed by an authorized BMW repair service center. This will keep the bugs out of your car’s system and you won’t have to deal with the headaches and hassles it can cause any longer.

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