Proper Handling Strategies when Driving Your BMW in the Snow

handling strategies in winterWinter driving is cannot be avoided in Toronto. It’s just part and parcel of living in this part of the world.

The type of car you have will certainly be important when figuring out the best way to drive through the snow and BMWs are some of the safest on the roads. That doesn’t mean it’s not necessary for the driver of that BMW to have certain skills and experiences behind the wheel, especially when the snow or ice begins to fall.

Below are a few strategies that anyone can employ to help them handle the snow much better, remain safer, and keep others on the road (and in the car) safe as well.

1. Pay attention to the forecast. Weather forecasts today have gotten much better than in years past. Today meteorologists can much more accurately predict how much snow will fall, how long it will last, and more. That’s crucial for when you’re heading out to work or have to run other errands.

If you know when the worst of the weather will be falling, you can adjust your plans to get out before or after it.

2. Slow down. Just because you drive a BMW and it has great traction, pick up and go, during the winter and just because it has ABS brakes doesn’t mean you’ll stop on a dime. Slow down and plan extra time for your trip.

Far too many people today don’t adjust their speed too much because they rely on the technology in these vehicles and are overconfident in them. They are still just machines and common sense should rule the day.

3. If sliding, steer into the direction you want the car to go. The most common mistake people make when they begin to slide is panicking and turning the wheel this way and that. Remain calm, keep the steering wheel facing the direction you want the car to go, and keep in mind that when your car regains traction, it’s going to jolt into the direction the front wheels are facing.

Using these simple strategies will help keep you safe on the roads this winter.

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